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My Teaching Recipe:  take inputs - background education and experience, philosophy, professional development, and scholarship - and process them in a learning environment to achieve prescribed objectives and goals (outputs).   

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A. Teaching Philosophy

B. Teaching Experience (UMO Teaching Assignments and Loads)

C. Teaching Effectiveness

D.  Implementation of Research to Achieve High Quality Learning Outcomes

  • CIS 315 Fall 2014 is the newest web-based learning tutorial created by traditional students in a project management class.  Students used a project management approach to design and then build a learning tutorial which instructs candidates to prepare for and successfully pass the CompTIA Project+ certification.  Thus, students acquire project management domain knowledge which is applied when the students create a web-based learning tutorial.  The tutorial is decomposed into the major project management process groups; and, the students are encouraged and many of them intend to extend their learning and prove their mastery of the project management subject matter by taking and passing the CompTIA Project + certification test.  One student has already taken and passed the Project+ exam in lieu of taking my final exam!  

  • CIS 483 Summer 2014 ONLINE. is a fine example of capstone project which was completed by an online class!  It is the latest web-based MS Office application tutorial which is currently helping UMO students, stakeholders, and the general public to enhance computer and technology skills.  The tutorial uses a state-of-the-art web HTML 5 template which adapts website presentation to look good on any computing device (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop, PC).  

  • CIS  460 Fall 2013 Because of a need from an agribusiness student, CIS 460 seniors developed a website for Ryan Berglund: A business framework/model helped students accomplish this goal whereby Ryan presented himself as a “customer.” Many similar sites were developed for local business owners in our CIS 331 class where I standardized and implemented successfully this teaching methodology in all CIS 331 courses.

  • CIS 483 Summer 2013. Creation of - comprehensive tutorial developed senior capstone students to help freshmen achieve computer competencies in ADV 100 class.  In addition, the site can be used by all stakeholders and the general public to gain office application skills, general computer security, and Web 2.0 technologies such as cloud storage and web-based applications. 

  • CIS 495 Spring 2012. Excellence in Teaching- 2012: President’s Award for Student Research for was awarded to entire class for the sensational work accomplished by students participating in an MIS capstone project. In addition, many students are using this tutorial to supplement their business application and computer security skills. This required tutorial is actually being utilized by ADV 100 students where it helps them to fulfil basic technology competencies. Students pictured in Facebook.   

E.  Special Accolades

F.  Enhancing Teaching through Professional Development:

  • November, 2014.  I achieved a professional certification in Project Management which aligns to CIS 315- Project+. The benefits of certifications are great and the certification enabled me to better instruct CIS 315.  In addition, student perceptions of instructors are enhanced when the instructor is certified which leads to better learning outcomes.  See publication- Reimers, K.W. (January 2009). Impact of information technology (IT) industry certification on the achievement of high school students enrolled in technology courses (Doctoral dissertation).

  • July, 2014.  I attended a two-day workshop on business analytics. Training is mandatory for anyone who wants to instruct business analytics courses.  Moreover, this training complements MIS because of its heavy reliance on data mining.  

  • February 2014.  I acquired and learned how use Camtasia Studio to produce learning videos.  I made a video on the value of professional certification which had in excess of 18,000 views until  YouTube’s automated system later flagged and took it down for having “embedded bots.” I believe it was getting too popular too quickly.  The “Certification” video is currently available again on YouTube.  In addition, I created other educational videos which are hosted on or YouTube that help to support seated as well as online learning environments (e.g., Data Base Rules and Preparation, Textbook Tracker, and SDLC and Capstone Project).

  • August, 2012 faculty development seminar led by Dr. Hollis Phelps --  Think About It: Teaching Critical Thinking. I introduced an Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) rubric on critical thinking for a possible third seminar. 



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