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MOUS Master, A+, Network+, Security + Project+

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Me and my daughter Anna- Christmas 2017

Karl Reimers- Ph.D.- Information Technology- Nova Southeastern University , MS- Information Technology, BAS- Accounting, Rowan University

Summit on Mount Ranier

Enjoying the solitude and a view from the top of the world-

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Technology education with a passion!
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Current Employment:

Karl Reimers is serving at the University of Mount Olive (UMO).  He received his Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University in 2005 specializing in Computing Technology in Education.  He is currently a full-time faculty member in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program where he instructs courses in computer information systems and accounting.  During the past 14 years, Karl has participated in accounting and CIS leadership roles, curriculum and new program development, and program assessment.  Combing the disciplines of teaching and research, Karl has specialized in having many of his students develop web-based learning tutorials which help to educate the populous as well as many other UMO stakeholders.  In addition, the learning tutorials provide content rich platforms which support both seated and online learning environments.  Furthermore, Karl has integrated Information/Technology (IT) skills into office applications, networking, computer security and project management courses which track to vendor specific as well as vendor neutral computing/IT certifications.  Furthermore, Karl made it possible for students to take IT certification exams at UMO through a partnership formed with CompTIA and Pearson Vue. Lastly, although he did not achieve his promotion two years ago, Karl should attain the rank of full professor at the University of Mount Olive in 2018- CROSS YOUR FINGERS!  


Major Research:

Research conducted by Karl Reimers is displayed on the "Publications" page.  Major areas of research involve the educational benefits of web-based learning tutorials that address end-user computer security, office application skills, and the use of Web 2.0 technologies and its implications for seated, collaborative, and online learning environments.  Dr. Reimers focuses on the practical aspects of research- those that give liberal arts students greater opportunities for gainful employment upon completing their undergraduate degree. 



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